Grating laying

Choosing grating width

In order to lower the costs of platform gratings, it is recommended to use a module of a width of B=1000. Then the largest possible surface of the platform should be covered with this module. The width of the final grating needed to cover the whole surface, should be calculated as a result of the previous activity. Using methods of averaging and unification of the width of the grating results in increased costs of covering the whole surface.

Grating support

When choosing grating support, the support bearing bars should be laid down at a minimal height of at least the height of the bearing bar, which should not be lower than 30 mm (for example, for flat bars of 20 and 25 mm).

Fig. 13. Diagram of a platform grating support

At the designing stage of the grating spacing, the following should be borne in mind:

  • The distance between the gratings should amount to ~5 mm.

Fig. 14. Diagram of grating spacing

Rys. 14. Schemat rozstawu krat

  • When laying down gratings on platforms, the distance between a grating and the platform edge should be around 10 mm.

Fig. 15. Diagram showing the distance between a grating and the platform edge

Rys. 15. Schemat przedstawiający odległość kraty od krawędzi pomostu

  • In addition, in places where technological installations, such as bearing poles, pass through the grating, the distance should also be ~10 mm.

Fig. 16. Diagram showing a pole passing through a grating

Worth knowing: It should be remembered that gratings are normally made with negative tolerance values