Glossary of terms and abbreviations

KNZ/ KNO – unframed grating (K-grating, N-unframed; Z-grooved/O-round bar)
KOZ / KOO / KOK – framed grating (K-grating, N-framed, Z-grooved/O-round/K-square-shaped)
SOZ – a step
AKP – a sideboard (typically 50×3 and exceeding the surface of the grating/step by 50mm)
MAG – framing below the bottom edge of a grating
ASP – a non-slip panel at the front of a step/grating/landing
ASP-out – a panel at the front of a step / grating /landing (like ASP but without perforation at the top)
WBB – an additional bar sealed at the bottom of transverse bars, between bearing flat bars
SM – perforated tape sealed at the bottom of transverse bars, between bearing flat bars
SERR – a serrated top edge of a bearing flat bar with a cutting that increases the non-slip properties of the grating
X-X – a grating symmetric towards parameter B. If the width of the grating is other than it should result from the size of the mesh, the extreme mesh ends sizes are the same, but other than to 34.3 mm,
Y-Y – a grating symmetric towards parameter L. The ends of bearing bars (or of the frame) are all at the same distance from the closest transverse bar
h – height of a flat bar
g – thickness of a flat bar
L – length of a grating/step, the dimension of the bearing flat bar
B – width of a grating/step; the dimension of the transverse bar
wycięcia proste – straight line cuttings thanks to which a grating has a shape, which is other than rectangular
wycięcia łukowe – grating cuttings other than straight lines
STD / FIN / ESP – a type of side framing of steps and landings


Methods of ordering products

The guidelines below will allow you to specify the parameters of products you would like to order.
e.g. KOZ/34,3X38,1 /30X2/L=1200 /B=1000/GALV/ (Additional elements such as: WBB, SERR, SM)