Stair treads, landings

Stair treads

A stair tread may be built on the basis of platform gratings STD, SERR, SM, WBB, SERR-WBB, SERR-SM, except that it will be equipped with a special side framing which allows for quick assembly of the bearing structure (“the step side”).

It is also equipped with a nonslip front panel thanks to the special perforation on its top.

Worth knowing: Tolerances for parameter B + / – 5 mm Tolerances for parameter L + 0/ – 4 mm

Fig. 27. STD step

Rys. 27. Stopien schodowy STD

Table 5. Typical sizes of steps(mm)

Construction of a stair tread

Termetal offers various types of stair treads whose classification is based on their finishing elements:

rysunke Konstrukcja stopnia schodowego

Fig.28. Nonslip panel (ASP)

Rys.28. Listwa antyposlizgowa (ASP)

Fig.29. Panel ASP-OUT

Rys.29. Listwa ASP-OUT

Standard stair tread (SOZ)

As mentioned before, SOZ stair treads can be constructed on the basis of platform gratings STD, SERR, SM, WBB, SERR-WBB, SERR-SM.
A SOZ tread has a STD side and a nonslip panel – ASP or ASP-OUT.

Fig.30. STD tread

zdjecie 30. Boczek stopnia STD

ESP tread

ESP tread also can be constructed on the basis of platform gratings STD, SERR, SM, WBB, SERR-WBB, SERR-SM.
A ESP tread has a ESP side and a nonslip panel – ASP or ASP-OUT.

Fig.31. ESP tread side

Rys.31. Boczek stopnia ESPzdjecie. Boczek stopnia ESP

FIN stair treads

FIN stair tread can also be made on the basis of platform gratings STD, SERR, SM, WBB, SERR-WBB, SERR-SM.
A FIN stair tread has a FIN side and a nonslip panel – ASP or ASP-OUT.

Fig.32. FIN tread

Rys.32. Boczek stopnia FINzdjecie. Boczek stopnia FIN


The assembly of a landing is similar to that of a stair treads. The key difference is the size of the platform grating used. In addition, the size of the side framing is also greater and, as a consequence, assembly openings have a different spacing, Fig. 33. Landings types available are the same as those of SOZ.

Fig.33. Diagram showing various side frames of landings