Zinc alloys

HOT-DIP GALVANISATION: Anti-corrosive protection of steel surfaces via dipping them in zinc in temperatures of 450°C

We use materials and raw materials of the highest quality, while the technological process is based on the latest achievements of the technological knowledge. TERMETAL galvanisation plants cooperate with various galvanisation plants in the country as well as with the NYRSTAR GROUP from Belgium and France and BOLIDEN from Scandinavia. SHG zinc is used as a basic component of the zinc bath (of a special quality), with a pureness level not lower than 99.995% Zn. The additional components are an alloy called TECHNIGALVA + Bi, with additions of nickel and bismuth, and Galva 5 alloys with aluminium.
Special care of the quality of the zinc bath results in the fact that the special layer applied in our galvanisation plant is characterised by:

  • Construction compliant with the EN ISO 1461 standard,
  • Gloss stays up to 3 months from the day of galvanisation,
  • High levels of aesthetics,
  • Uniformity and homogenous distribution of zinc on the whole surface,
  • Higher adhesiveness to a product thanks to a careful choice of the bath components,
  • Higher resistance to abrasion and other mechanical defects,
  • Higher flexibility.